I am delighted to welcome you to the website of RECITE UK, an organisation that is dedicated to making an impact on a national and international scale. Our ethos is clear and we are firm in our commitment: "High Expectations. Motivation. Life Long Learning.”

Our aim is to make Qur’an and Islamic Education easily accessible and affordable. We now offer a wide range of courses online and at our Educational Learning Centres.

Our mission is to create the highest standard of learning The Holy Quran and implementing the Sunnah (prophetic tradition) in our lives. This is achieved through recruiting excellent teachers with years of experience to create a solid foundation and build on prior attainment. Our teachers ensure that no child is left behind.

As founders of the company, it is our role to create a safe environment where learning is fun and everyone strives for success. We simply believe that every child, regardless of background or prior achievement, can be successful if given great teaching and support.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “One who treads a path in search of knowledge has his path to Paradise made easy by God…” - Riyadh us-Saleheen, 245

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said: "A servant of God will remain standing on the Day of Judgment until he is questioned about his (time on earth) and how he used it; about his knowledge and how he utilised it; about his wealth and from where he acquired it and in what (activities) he spent it; and about his body and how he used it." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 148